Ray Troll and the Ratfish Wranglers are a wild bunch of artist-musicians hailing from the town of Ketchikan that play what some have described as sub-aquatic neo-folk n’ fish-punk-rock. One never knows who is going to be ‘wrangled’ into this band of pranksters but at it’s core are well known Alaskan Fish artist Ray Troll and his partner in slime “Ratfish” Russell Wodehouse. They put on a fun and uniquely Alaskan show, complete with a psychedelic light show and a limbo bar set at nine inches.

Their latest CD is ‘Cruisin’ the Fossil Freeway’, following on the heels of their very fishy first release ‘Where the Fins Meet the Frets’. Check out their over the top musical videos “Cannery Girl” and “Ratfish Rule”  on youtube!

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They’ve done it again!

Ray, Russ and the Wranglers have written a new tune for a new video educating Californians and the world about the positive aspects of Rockfish Recompression and how to combat the potentially fatal effects of Rockfish Barotrauma!

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