Here’s the page where we offer links to things we find fun, cool, informative and/or all the above! There will be links posted to our sister sites and other projects we’re involved in collectively and independently. There are links to folks we work with, admire and even disagree with. Links to sites that you may not have heard of but we think, if you have a little extra time, they’re worth checking out. We love people and websites that have ANYTHING to do with the glory that is the ratfish! We enjoy people and things that cause us to think and challenge conventional wisdom. If you have a suggestion or come across something you think we might enjoy, email us and you may just find your suggestion on this page!

The links.

The Troll Line

This It’s rays online presence where you can shop all things troll a MUST to bookmark! This includes links to Ray’s Ratfish Wranglers album and Russ’s offering ‘Dancing to the Fossil Record’ The soundtrack to Ray’s first major traveling exhibit.

Ratfishbrothers on Myspace

Check 10 of the 16 songs from the new album, complete with artwork and lyrics!

Wodehouse on Myspace

Here’s where you can check out some of Russ’s solos stuff

The Burke Museum

The museum in Seattle that hosted, sponsored and produced the Crusin’ The Fossil Freeway exhibit.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

The home of paleo pal and author of ‘Cruisin’ the Fossil Freeway’ Kirk Johnson! And home of the Snowmastodon Project!

Brad Matsen

One of our TRUE Ratfish Brothers! Brad wrote Planet Ocean with Ray. He’s a brilliant author, a great friend and Ratfish Brother ALWAYS.

Big Dirt Band

Music collaborators on The ‘Cruisin’ the Fossil Freeway’ fronted by Dave Montgomery. They wrote the music for and recorded Take Me Back (track 7) on the album.

Keystone Gallery

Another paleo-pal Chuck Bonner and his family run this place and it’s pretty cool! There’s fossils, art and music... right up our alley! If you’re out that way, stop in and tell them the Ratfish Brothers sent ya!

Some folks dedicated to trying to get people to wrap their heads around the concept of deep time and fine tuning the earth’s timescale... Check out the video they have of Dr. J and Ray illustrate stratigraphy with pancakes! AND they have our tune ‘Ages of Rock’ posted too!

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