They’re here... After a lot of talk with Ray and Russ saying, “Wouldn’t it be cool to have that song as a ringtone!?” Well, we got off our butts and did it! They’re free and fun!

There are two formats; m4r for iphone and mp3 for most every other including, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and more... You’ll have to follow directions for your individual make and model. However since the Wranglers are iphone users, we’ll include those directions!

Have fun and ENJOY!


We thought it would be cool and turn some of our tunes into some cool ringtones! Check these out! If you have ideas or requests to have one of your favorite Wranglers tunes turned into a ringtone, email us with your suggestion! If we use it, we’ll post it here and give you credit!


Spawn Til You Die

m4r    mp3

Time Traveling

With a Shovel

m4r    mp3

Hell Pig

m4r    mp3


(yeah, yeah)

m4r    mp3



m4r    mp3

Ratfish Rule

(wear your mommas gown)

m4r    mp3


m4r    mp3


Ratfish Wranglers Ring Tones!


  1. 1.Click the format link for the appropriate file type you want to download; It will be automatically downloaded to your downloads folder.

  2. 2.Navigate to the downloads folder or click the magnifying glass to the right of the file name that is listed in the downloads window that automatically opened when you click the file.

  3. 3.Double click the file. It will automatically open iTunes (if it’s not open already) and copy the the ringtone into the ringtones library list.

  4. 4.Sync your iPhone. Under Tabs, there is a ringtone tab. Choose sync all OR selected ringtones.

  5. 5.Make your choices/changes and click apply and re-sync!

  6. 6.Under Settings on your iphone there is a “Sounds” tab first choice in the second white section under settings.

  7. 7.Goto ringtones and select your new Wranglers tune!

  8. 8.Viola! Success! Have EVERYONE call you and impress your friends, family and co-workers!

  9. 9. Congrats on being the envy of all in the civilized world!

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