“Where the Fins Meet the Frets” is a collection of 16 original tunes recorded and performed by my Ketchikan based band, the Ratfish Wranglers, in the spring of 2007. After a year of tweaking the dials with Stephen Jackson and Albert McDonnel at the controls we declared it fully baked. The CD features some incredible musical contributions by all the band members.

The eco-friendly CD ‘digipac’ includes a glorious 16 page full color, densely illustrated lyric book designed by Laura Lucas of Juneau. The CD itself features a blazing hot pink ratfish with glittering silver eyes. What can I say? We poured it on!

Core band members:

Ray Troll- guitar/vocals

Shauna Lee: vocals

Dave Rubin: guitar/clarinet

Amos Hopkins: bass

Craig Koch: percussion, vocals

Patrick Troll (my son!): drums

Various guest musicians appear on the CD including Alejandro Chavarria, Teresa Varnell, Bob Banghart, Kim Kleinschmidt, Austin Hays, and members of the Ketchikan High School choir

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  1. 1.    Bombastodon

  2. 2.    Cleared and Stained

  3. 3.    Spawn Til You Die

  4. 4.    Cannery Girl

  5. 5.    In The Mighty Yukon

  6. 6.    Ain’t No Nookie Like Chinookie

  7. 7.    Devonian Blues

  8. 8.    Lumpsuckers of Love

  9. 9.    Last Hooker on Creek Street

  10. 10.   What Can the Candiru Do?

  11. 11.   Charismatic Megafauna

  12. 12.   Ratfish Rule

  13. 13.   The Ballad of William Beebe

  14. 14.   Leaving the Galaxy

  15. 15.   Omega-3’s

  16. 16.   Cleared and Stained (reprise)

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“Where the Fins Meet the Frets”

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