Review: Peter Marsh, Freshwater News

"Troll and his band take over where the B-52s 'Rock Lobster' left off in the late 80s/many years ago. Living the artist's life in Ketchikan, Alaska for 25 years, Troll has swum far below the currents of modern art and music, and surfaced for air with a net full of images and songs about such underwater oddities as the ratfish, the sex life of the salmon and the legendary Bombastodon. Set to a hypnotic beat that pounds like a fishboat diesel, and backed up by a loose-knit set of friends including a champion fiddle player and siren-like back-up singers, his songs reach out to the spirit of the fisherman in all of us!"

Review: Art Halperin, Sword in The Stone Records

“This CD is F@%$ing great! Yes, I said F@%$ing great! To describe this wonderful music we must create a whole new genre called Christian-Gospel-Muslim-Hebrew-Bluegrass-Metal-Emo-Folk-Rock-Boogie. Zappa meets Jacques Cousteau meets M.C. Escher and M.C. Hammer.”

Review: Jeff Brown, Program Director KTOO & KRNN

Here’s a chance to hear another side of long-time Ketchikan artist Ray Troll. Like many of his designs, I’m sure a lot of listeners will have their favorite songs too. I’m a big fan of some of the songs I’ve heard before from Ray, like Spawn Til You Die, Omega-3’s and Cannery Girl, but now I’ve got some new favorites too. In the Mighty Yukon proves that nothing and no one is sacred. Way to go, Ray! Especially enertaining and educational too is the way Ray adds bits of fishy knowledge to a few of the songs, proving that not only will you get smarter by eating fish, but also by hearing songs about them too.

Review: Shauna Lee

Ok, I know - I sing on the CD so I shouldn’t be reviewing the CD, but hear me out! My incredible vocals aside, I just wanted to say how proud I am of all the songs on the album. Ray’s Lyrics are innovative, unique and entertaining, and the musicianship of every last person is awe inspiring. I dare you to not appreciate the funk, the groove and the bluesy riffs that swim through the whole collection of tunes. I am pleased as punch to be in the midst of these creative giants and proud to call myself a ratfish!


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